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The Healing Power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Naturally Treat & Heal the Cause of Painful Conditions
What Is Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Injection Therapy is a spectrum of cutting edge therapeutic techniques used to naturally width= treat and heal the cause of a painful condition rather than masking the symptoms. Regenerative Injection Therapy stimulates and accelerates your body's own healing abilities.

PRP is obtained when we take your own blood and use specialized devices to separate it. By separating it in this way we can get concentrated levels of your own platelets, growth factors and other healing ingredients. We then take all those concentrated healing ingredients, that are naturally in your own blood, and inject them back into your joint or muscle. This will supercharge your healing ability!

PRP is a perfect fit for the Team Healthcare Clinic wellness model and philosophy. It is 100% natural using each patient’s own healing properties.  Because PRP is from the patient’s very own blood, there is a very minimal risk of adverse reactions/side effects.

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These are conditions that we can treat using with Regenerative Medicine Therapy using PRP
Hip & Joint Pain

Hip & Joint Pain

Team Health Care Clinic’s providers have extensive experience with hip arthritis and offer many ways to treat this condition.

Our same-day outpatient procedures may help alleviate even the most severe hip and arthritis pain, depending on the cause. We treat many types of hip conditions and are dedicated to doing everything that we can to give you relief from pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a regenerative medical treatment and is just one option for musculoskeletal problems that we may use to help alleviate painful hip conditions.

Common Hip Conditions That We Treat Include:

• Complications from Hip Joint Injury
• Hip Arthritis
• Greater Trochanteric Bursitis
• Hamstring Strain
• Iliolumbar Ligament injury
• Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis
• Osteoarthritis of the Hip
• Labral Tears
• Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
• Tendonitis
• Piriformis Syndrome
• Post-Traumatic Hip Arthritis
• Psoas Tendinitis (Snapping Hip Syndrome)
• Quadriceps Strain or Partial Tear
• Symphysis Pubis Pain

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Knee, Foot & Ankle Pain

Our Regenerative Medicine knee treatment may eliminate the need for many patients to have knee surgery. Our knee condition protocols are comprehensive and effective.

We use same-day outpatient procedures to help alleviate knee pain depending on its cause. We treat different types of knee conditions, from patients that previously received arthroscopic knee surgery to former athletes who have just started to experience degeneration.
Even those with a loss of cartilage in their knee have shown improvements from our regenerative musculoskeletal procedures.
At Team Health Care Clinic, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to give our patients lasting s relief from pain.
Regenerative Medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) may help many kinds of musculoskeletal problems by addressing the underlying causes of pain.

Plantar Fasciitis
Another example is plantar fasciitis. Studies show that PRP alone has helped patients suffering with even chronic, stubborn plantar fasciitis.
We also address the possible causes of the plantar fasciitis to make our approach even more successful.

The following list includes many but not all of the conditions that we treat, so please contact us to make an appointment with one of the providers at Team Health Care Clinic. They will advise you on the best options for your specific condition.

Common Knee Conditions That We Treat Include:

• Incomplete Ligament Sprains
• Meniscus Tears
• Patella Tendonitis/Tendinosis
• Pes Anserine Bursitis
• Chronic Ligament Sprain
• Chondromalacia Patella
• Iliotibial Band Tendonitis (ITB Syndrome)
• Post-Traumatic Knee Arthritis
• Patellar Instability
• Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
• Osteoarthritis of the Knee
• Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Ankle sprain/strains
• Ankle degeneration

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Knee, Foot & Ankle Pain
Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

People suffering from elbow conditions may be able to alleviate their pain without the need for surgery or steroid injections.

If you are suffering from elbow, wrist and hand pain, there is hope with a non-surgical solution like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This treatment may eliminate the need for a lifetime of medication, braces/wraps, and pain.

The providers at Team Health Care Clinic offer PRP and other treatment options for patients suffering from painful upper extremity conditions.


Injuries to the rotator cuff produce pain with overhead activities or reaching back, including motions used when putting on a coat.

The rotator cuff muscles and tendons may also be injured by trauma, such as falling when skiing or biking, or from arthritic spurs that form within the shoulder and erode the cuff tissue over time.

Patients may experience weakness of their shoulder or pain when rolling onto it while sleeping.

At Team Health Care Clinic our providers often treat inflammation of the bursa or a tendinopathy of the cuff with regenerative medicine, including platelet rich plasma.

This innovative treatment partnered with the right therapy regimen may eliminate the need for surgery.



Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the protective cartilage that covers the ends of the bone within the joints. This typically includes the spine, hips, knees, hands and shoulders, however arthritis can affect any joint in the body. This condition is also referred to as degenerative arthritis or “wear and tear” arthritis.

Protein that forms within the cartilage deteriorates and forms flakes or tiny cracks. This eventually results in partial to total cartilage loss. Once there is a loss of cartilage, friction is created between the bones often triggering bony growths, or bone spurs, that causes pain in the joints.

At Team Health Care Clinic our providers have used PRP, and other excellent treatment options to help patients suffering with arthritis.


About Team Health Care Clinic

What makes Team Health Care Clinic different is that we are a multispecialty clinic dedicated to leading people to sustained wellness. That means our nine providers do not just mask symptoms with drugs and surgery, but address the underlying reasons as to why patients have their symptoms.

Our team includes: a medical physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

Integrating each provider’s specialty gives a unique approach to our many service lines including:

  • Regenerative and Natural Medicine
  • Athletic Rehab
  • Family Medicine
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Brain Therapy

At Team Health Care Clinic we keep current on the most innovative therapies. Our team provides safe, effective natural health care for all ages.
Contact us today. Let our team discuss with you the best way to restore your health.

About THCC

Meet Our Medical Specialists

Tiffany Watson
Tiffany Watson


“I have known that I wanted to be in the medical profession since I was in high school because I’ve always been interested in the way the human body works and wanted to do something to help other people. I originally went to school to become a registered nurse and during that time I decided that I wanted to be a nurse practitioner. After practicing as a RN for eight years I became a nurse practitioner with a specialty in family practice. During my NP program I realized that over and above treating people’s symptoms, I wanted to help people attain optimal health by discovering the cause of the symptoms; thereby treating the problem itself. Everyone here at Team Health Care Clinic shares this same philosophy.”

Tiffany has a graduate degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. During her eight years as an RN, she worked primarily in critical care units. At Team Health Care Clinic she will be practicing as a primary care provider for patients of all ages.

Tiffany lives in St. Michael with her husband, Eric and their two children. In her free time she enjoys getting together with family and friends.

* Simmons College, School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Masters of Science in Nursing

* Minnesota State University Moorhead, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

* Anoka Ramsey Community College, Associates Degree in Nursing

* American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Certified

Jennie Ziess
Jennie Ziess


Jennie Zeiss has worked in healthcare for 15 years as a physician assistant and has extensive experience providing orthopedic care. She will diagnose and treat patients with orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems.

“I am very interested in the combination of westernized medicine and non-westernized medicine. I was trained in westernized medicine but I don’t think that it is always the best solution for patients. Through some family illnesses I discovered that there are so many things other than westernized medicine that help take care of the full person. Working at Team Health Care Clinic I feel like I can provide the best benefits for patients because of all the complementary therapies that are offered. Not only are the people here great, they offer a really wide range of treatment options including physical therapy and chiropractic which is a big benefit to patients. I think it’s important that people take initiative of their own healthcare.”

Jennie has two children and enjoys traveling , doing outside activities and spending time with her family. She also likes to participate in half marathons, marathons and triathlons.

* Idaho State University, Masters of Physician Assistant Studies

* Gustavus Aldophus College, Bachelor of Science; Biology

* Moorhead State University, Athletic Training Degree


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